Our Unabashed Sales Pitch

Our Unabashed Sales Pitch

To know the oil is to experience the oil.

We can show you lots of pictures of injured humans and animals, of all ages. Which we do:

We can share testimonials people share with us. Which we do:

But for you to know the oil, you must experience it for yourself.

We make that easy & accessible, including free shipping & money-back guarantee.

Our pitch boils down to:

We want you to use it and experience for yourself the healing magic of Mother Nature.

Why is it called the Ultimate Healing Oil?

It heals the worst of cuts, burns, scars, skin impairments- in all their variations and degrees of complexity quickly and completely.

Why is our company name Near Magic Remedies?

Because that it is how people who experience the Ultimate Healing Oil describe it!
Actually, they call it pure magic, but wishing to be more humble we opted for the name Near Magic Remedies.

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