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“Ultimate Healing Oil”


This is one product thatyour medicine cabinet, first aid kit, or purse can not do without!
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Just a small drop will hasten the healing time of any cut or burn, while at the same time beautifying the skin, keeping it soft and smooth.

We are so sure that you will be more than satisfied with this product that we are offering a complete 100% money back guarantee, including the shipping, if you are not absolutely delighted with the results.


No First Aid Kit is complete without it!
A must for every beauty regimen…


The Ultimate healing oil has uniquely harnessed the skin healing properties of Frankincense.


Uses of Ultimate Healing Oil:

Perfect for healing all levels and types of: cuts, burns, scalds, and punctures, including: scrapes, shaving nicks, insect bites, chemotherapy burns, paper cuts, rug burns, chaffing, and diaper rashes.

Improves acne, skin tone, complexion, reduces wrinkles and signs of aging.

The “ultimate healing oil” helps prevent scarring and infection from cuts and puncture wounds

Keep affected area moistened with Ultimate Healing Oil.

Who should use this oil?

This oil belongs in every: home, office, school, travel, sports and camping first aid kit. With proven results on every type of wound it is a must for: mothers, veterinarians, soccer and other sport enthusiasts, body pierces, gardeners, animal lovers, etc.

Actual Photos

Click Here to see actual pictures of a Severe Injury to a horse
treated with the Ultimate Healing Oil. ( Pictures are graphic in nature and you may just want to read the following account of this incident.)

The Injured Horse Story

We were asked for the Ultimate Healing Oil to heal a severely injured horse. His belly was slashed deeply from one side to another. The life of the horse was seriously threatened. A veterinarian doctor was called after the injury occurred and he gave all the proper antibiotics and stitched the severe laceration, but unfortunately the stitches did not hold. Regrettably, the wound could not be re-stitched due to the “proud flesh” seen at the edges of the wound. Despite the continued use of antibiotics and calendula and golden seal salve.

There was no hope for the horse’s recovery.

At this point, a full six weeks after the initial injury and continued infection and deterioration of the wound, treatment began with the “Ultimate Healing Oil”.

Amazingly, remarkable healing progress was clearly visible the next day. After 3 ½ weeks of treatment with the “Ultimate Healing Oil”, there was a miraculously quick and nearly complete healing of the horse’s fatal wound, without ever requiring further medical treatment, including stitches.

The fully healed picture taken at 9 weeks after the first application of the “Ultimate Healing Oil” shows the wound is completely healed. The original stitch marks came together so perfectly, it looked as if the wound zipped itself shut. During the course of treatment with the “Ultimate Healing Oil”, no additional treatment was required by the horse except Homeopathic support for trauma and a light covering of gauze to keep flies away.


Letter from Jami:

The day after receiving a small sample bottle of Ultimate Healing Oil I was playing with my year old pup, who is far too energetic. She jumped to grab her toy and came down hard on the tender, inside fleshy part of my arm, creating a deep scratch that drew blood. I usually put antiseptic (Witch Hazel) on scratches, but this one was so deep that I decided to try the new Ultimate Healing Oil.

I swear it provided instant relief. The stinging stopped instantly and within just a few minutes so had the bleeding. Right before my eyes it seemed the scratch closed. Within 30 minutes, the scratch was pink and not red and within and ONE HOUR I could only see a faint pink line where the deep scratch had been!

I wish now I had photo of the original scratch, because no one will believe how deep it was. I can hardly believe it myself. I was so impressed that I started searching my body for another place to try it. Then I thought of my nose, which has been very irritated from sinus drainage and allergies. The area just above my lip has been red and raw, and a spot just inside my nostril has been sore and would bleed when I blow my nose. I put a dab of the oil under my nose and just inside the nostril. Within the short time I’ve been writing this,I swear it has cleared up! The skin is still rough, but no longer red. I can hardly believe it, but it’s TRUE.

After another 30 minutes I went to check the rough skin under my nose that was so irritated but now it feels and looks smooth. The skin is back to normal. Even that raw spot inside my nostril feels smooth. It’s more than amazing, it is as close to magic as I can imagine and I’ve seen some pretty amazing things in my life!

***Jami – Albuquerque


Historical Background and Spiritual Uses of Frankincense:

It is one of the three gifts that the Wise Men gave to Christ at his birth. Frankincense is referenced no less than 52 times throughout the Bible. Seen from a spiritual light, Frankincense is considered holy and is used to help improve communication with God.

In all human civilizations, including Egyptian, Arabic, East Indian, Greek, Roman, Chinese, etc., Frankincense has been used as an anti-catarrhal, anti-depressant, anti-infection, antiseptic, anti-tumoral, expectorant, immune stimulant and sedative.

In modern times it is also being used for acne, asthma,
ulcers, aging, allergies, snake and insect bites, bronchitis, cancer, carbuncles,colds, coughs, diarrhea, diphtheria, headaches, general healing, hemorrhaging, herpes, high blood pressure, inflammation, jaundice, laryngitis, meningitis, nervousness, prostate, pneumonia, respiratory problems, scarring, sciatic pain, sores, spiritual awareness, staph and/or strep infections, stress, syphilis, T. B., tension, typhoid, wounds, warts as well as to strengthen the immune system.

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Why is it called the Ultimate Healing Oil?

It heals the worst of cuts, burns, scars, skin impairments- in all their variations and degrees of complexity quickly and completely.


Why is our company name Near Magic Remedies?

Because that it is how people who experience the Ultimate Healing Oil describe it!
Actually, they call it pure magic, but wishing to be more humble we opted for the name Near Magic Remedies.

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