How to use the Ultimate Healing Oil

How to use the Ultimate Healing Oil

Cuts, burns, bites, wounds, etc
Apply the Ultimate Healing Oil very frequently (every 1/2 hr to 1 hr). You should feel improvement immediately upon application but continue applying frequently to radically speed healing. Completely coat the affected area, plus the healthy tissue surrounding it. Leave uncovered.

Apply 1 to 3 drops of the Ultimate Healing Oil to very lightly cover your face and neck, morning and night. If someone is absolutely committed to a particular moisturizer and they will not go without it, we just ask that they mix the oil into their daily amount of moisturizer fresh immediately before application.

If someone has acne, we recommend washing their face and affected areas with water only, apply the Ultimate Healing Oil and then leave it alone. This may be harder for the acne affected to comply with because there is so much hoopla about needing this or that product, but we find nature knows best. Acne can also be a deeper healing issue crying out for help that goes beyond just what is shown on the skin. In those deeper entrenched acne situations we have still had excellent results when we included homeopathic and other natural remedies.

Why is it called the Ultimate Healing Oil?

It heals the worst of cuts, burns, scars, skin impairments- in all their variations and degrees of complexity quickly and completely.

Why is our company name Near Magic Remedies?

Because that it is how people who experience the Ultimate Healing Oil describe it!
Actually, they call it pure magic, but wishing to be more humble we opted for the name Near Magic Remedies.

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